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Different types of metal detector technologies

Whether you are using a metal detector to detect weapons, buried gold, or nails in a piece of wood, most metal detectors are designed to work in about the same way. You might use a handheld, ground coil, or walk-through metal detector, depending on the application. For the search to be effective, it is important to have a basic knowledge of how  to work  a metal detector.

Metal dtecting guide

All metal detectors have a search coil or loop, around which there is an invisible field. When a metal objects are within this field, the detector gives an audible, and usually a visual, signal to alert you to the presence of metal. Whether you're looking for a knife or a silver bracelet, this alert is what you're waiting for.


There are several different types of metal detector technologies. For example, BFD, or Beat Frequency Oscillator, detectors are very easy to use but can only detect objects at a relatively close distance. VLF, or Very Low-Frequency devices, are among the most common types, particularly in ground search metal detectors. Pulse Induction, or Pl metal detectors, are ideal for searching on salt water beaches or in soil containing a high concentration of minerals. Your metal detector may include features such as the ability to discriminate between different types of metals or different types of objects. Another important consideration is the search depth, whether you're buying a handheld or ground search detector, as it directly relates to how close the metal detector must be to the metal object.


The size of the metal detector coil affects the size of the area you can search with one pass of the detector. Be sure to determine what this range is before putting your metal detector to use. If your passes are too far apart, you won't be searching the entire area. If too close together, you'll be wasting your time searching the same area multiple times. You can test your metal detector’s range by placing a penny or dime on the ground or on a table that is clear of other metal. Move the metal detector back and forth across the area to test its range. Repeat your search by raising the metal detector further and further from the coin to see how distance affects the search range. The further the distance between the detector coil and the metal object, the smaller the area of the coil that will pick up the signal from the metal.


Most ground search metal detectors have a circular coil between six and twelve inches in diameter. The size of the search area with a handheld metal detector depends on the size and design of the device; look for one that is relatively lightweight, yet has a large search area. No matter the style, one method for ensuring that you are covering the entire area is to pretend that you are painting the search area using your metal detector as a paint roller. Sweep side to side using your detector, avoiding leaving unpainted spots or painting the same area twice. This is the most effective method for using a metal detector.

When it comes to metal detecting, the two most important factors in an effective and efficient search are knowledge and practice. To use the detector properly, it is critical that you understand how the metal detector works and have practiced using it. You will need to understand the exact kind of metal detector that you require for a given task.


Regardless of your model, be sure that it has a good battery life so that it lasts as long as you do in the field. Additionally, a headset adapter is an attractive feature, as it would let you hunt discreetly irrespective of the place you are by utilizing a headset. Finally, be certain that the guarantee is good at the very least two years is the minimum you want for most metal detector wands.


It is crucial that you Continuously get counsel or a moment conclusion, ideally from a specialist on metal detectors. Ensure the data and metal detector tips you get are useful and overhauled, so you won't need to lament picking a wrong model or purchasing the more costly one.

Ultimate metal detector buying tips and guide

There are so many metal detectors on the market today, and choosing the right the can be overwhelming for you. You may not be familiar with the technology jargon used in online reviews and you may end up purchasing a metal detector whose features don't suit your needs.

So, how can you make sure the detector you buy is the right one for you? These tips on selecting a metal detector will help you make sound judgement in order to make the right buy. The ideal metal detector will depend on:

Metal hunting tips


1. What you will use it for

Most detectors nowadays are all-purpose but some are more specialized. What your goal with it is will determine if you are going to buy the multi-faceted ones or the expensive highly specialized detector.


if you are going to use it for fun hobbies like coin shooting and jewelry hunting, you may consider the cheaper and easy to use all-purpose metal detector. They will be useful in your adventures while at the same time not hurting your pocket.


2. The number of times you are going to use it

You may be buying the detector to use only occasionally like during holidays or you may be looking for something to use almost on a daily basis. Whatever the case, ask yourself questions like how strong it is to withstand repeated use. Will it see me going back to the store for a new one within a short time?

You may want to look for its review regarding durability. You may also consider using the length of its warrant to give you a hint on how long it's likely to last.


3. The terrain of where you will use it

For waters that are somewhat deeper and salty, there are special detectors that will work without their detection capability being affected by the salt's conductivity. Before buying ask around for these type.


4. The experience or knowledge you have with metal detectors

You will be able to preset discriminatory features before you start your detecting so it automatically looks for items of your preference. Like for, example, the feature to eliminate useless metals when hunting for precious ones.

The features and settings are simple to use and to master. Some of them are also automatic meaning you won’t have to keep setting them every time you want to go detecting.



5. Your budget

Sometimes your detector pays off, financially. Consider the instance where your gadget leads you to retrieve that valuable diamond or gold piece, or that gold coin that's highly priced.


6. The design and weight of the detector

If the ground involves searching in crevices, choose a shape that's suited for that Some detectors come with mount poles and which is are adjustable. If your detecting will involve the whole family who are of different sizes, it's advisable to purchase this type. Different people will find it easy to use and your expedition will be more fun with everybody participating.


7. The accessories the detector comes with

Some come with headphones, others don't. It good to note that a detector with headphone jack is better in terms of sensibility. Listening through a headphone eliminates background noise and you are able to pick up subtle changes in sound. This increase its ability to detect compared to the ones that don't have the headphones and the jack.


Top notch metal detectors are costly but worth it. Go for well-known brands which have been in the market for long. Update yourself with newest technology news so you can grab the latest gadgets that are better performing.


Use of different type of metal detectors in the market

A metal detector is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic induction to detect metal. You can find them in use at airports and malls, in mining and archaeology, and prospecting or treasure hunting. For whichever use you may need a metal detector for, you will have to make sure that the device is the right kind so that it will not hinder you from doing the job well. The following are choosing a metal detector tips.

Metal detectors in the market

There are different types of detectors which you can use to find gold or any other metals. The most sought after ones are the gold metal detectors.

VLF - Very Low Frequency

As the name suggests, these types of detectors are the most commonly used ones. With the VLF detector several types of metals can be detected and it uses two rounds of wire. The coil of wire on the outside is the transmitter while that on the inside is the receiver. The transmitter emits a low-frequency magnetic field which is responsible for the transmission. The receiver receives the signal and interprets it according to the magnetic pulse. This detector is used to detect metals hence it falls in the category of gold metal detectors. Pulse Induction detector


This type of metal detector uses a magnetic field to generate a pulse. Unlike the VLF detectors, it consists of only one coil. This is the most common type of detector which is used by the treasure hunters because of its ease of access. When a metal which is present underground reflects the signal, the pulse inductor switches the mode and listens for the source of the reflected sound and hence determines the position of the same.


Beat Frequency Oscillation

A metal detector which uses this technology is the simplest and the most inexpensive metal detector. They are mostly used by beginners because of their ease of access. Just like a VLF detector, this also uses two set of coils for the effective detection of the metals. An oscillator is used to create constant signal at a particular frequency and that is emitted by one set of coils. On the other hand, the second coil is responsible for interference of this frequency and causes a change in the tone of the audio.


This type of detector uses the technology of VLF detectors but lacks the fine tuning as well as the filtering ability of VLF detectors. Thus, the beat frequency oscillation detectors are less accurate compared to the VLF detectors.


Uses of metal detectors

Metal detecting can be truly fun and exciting particularly if you discovered the best tricks to make the most out of your metal detector. But to begin with, you need to find the best metal detector that suits you. If you are only getting started on your metal detecting activity, choose the metal detectors for the amateur since it is easy to use and not complicated, which is what you primarily need. If you have stumbled upon the metal detector that truly suits you, then off you go on your metal hunting trip. However, even if you possess the metal detecting device, you also need to know where to find it.


Dry sand can become one of the best search areas with your metal detector- Beaches that are frequently visited by people would be best searched at around 5pm onwards, when almost all the people have gone home and the beach is nearly deserted by people that may hinder you from totally scouring the entire beach area. Shallow waters more often than not provide good outputs. The reason is that people stay more in the shallow part of the beach since they can actively play there while guarding their children, and the water can shrink the fingers, letting their valuables fall into the sandy water where things are truly hard to find.


If the beach is unavailable in your place, running some background research can always help you in trying to figure out historical spots near you where you can begin your metal hunting activities. There are a lot of success stories where an avid treasure hunter has been scouring a particular historical area for years and have discovered very expensive artifacts which was auctioned and sold for a hefty sum.


Lately, there have been quite a number of treasure hunts that became successful with the use of metal detectors. Recently some old coins were found in Somerset, England, by a novice treasure hunter who was just scouring the area with the use of a novice detector.

Tips for success with metal Detectors

An ideal metal detector is simple and you only need to turn it on and you can go about your business. Such people find the various programming, controls and knobs intimidating. on the other hand, there are users who do not mind the complex, computer controlled devices that they can turn on. With the extra features, you 1will be able to grow with the complicated nature of the detector as you get more experience. This is, however, not the best attribute to use for choosing the ideal metal detector. The type of hunting will also determine the kind of metal detector that you will use because some are good for finding coins, while others are quite helpful when you want to find rings at the beach.

Metal detector review

Tips for success with metal Detectors Once you have bought your new metal detector, you can be quite stranded if you do not know how to use it. If you want to be successful at using your metal detector, you should know it intimately. This means that you have to read the, annual back to back and learn what all the controls do and what the various features entail. In case a question arises when you are using the detector, you can consult the manual again. If you bought a used metal detector, you should go the website of the manufacturer and download the manuals of the older models. You should watch any videos or DVDs that come with the detectors as well. Since practice makes perfect, you should practice using your metal detector. You can bury rings, coins or any other junk in the yard and then experiment with all the features and controls.

You could try varying the depth of the items as you bury them to gauge the response of your metal detector. Another option is to take it to the park and just use it there noting the area where there is a response. Location matters as well when it comes to being successful with a metal detector. It is important that you learn about the history of your neighborhood and you can start doing this at the library.

Important Factors to consider when Buying Metal Detectors It can be tough buying a metal detector, especially if you are a beginner. This is because there are various models an bands and it can be difficult to choose.

The situation can be made easier by you determining your needs and goals. You should decide whether your detector will be used for relic hunting, coin shooting, combing a dry and wet sand beach, underwater and shallow water hunting, meteorite hunting or gold prospecting. You should also list down the different places where you want to go and use metal detector for hunting treasure. There are now computerized one-touch detectors which are ideal for beginners and can be used for dry and wet sand beach combing. Cost is another determining factor and it is advisable to determine how much money you are willing to spend on the detector. The are some detectors available today and that can be used by beginners but can appeal to advance users as well.

Use of metal detectors in different Places

Have you ever given it a thought that what a security in-charge checks when you enter a Shopping mall or Airport security area, with that hand-held device? No, then let us tell you. The small hand-held device is the metal detector, which is an electronic instrument equipped with a sensor probe, used at various public places to check presence of metal in your body or clothes and even surrounding areas. Metal Detectors are a very useful device and they sense the presence of metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc. in your body.

Use of metal detectors

A metal detector is used at various places, to check the presence of metal, not only in your body, but your car or other baggage that you are carrying. They are generally seen at Airport security area, hotel entrance, parking areas, malls and cinema theatres. However, they are also used by Metallurgy department and people who love adventure for finding precious metals buried under ground.

The technique of metal detection is also used by military and security services. All metal detectors, howsoever small or big, and used at any place, like gardens, lawns or patios, work on the mechanism of electromagnetism.

A metal detector contains a coil of wire, which is wrapped around a circular rod, at the end of the handle, also known as transmitter coil. Now, when electricity or any charge is passed through it, a magnetic field gets generated. This magnetic field when swiped over a surface, detects the presence of metal easily.

Metal detector technology is a part of our everyday life and helps us identify any possible threat that otherwise we ignore. A metal detector should not be bought by following the suggestion of just one person, do a thorough research and look for various options available, then make a wise decision of a metal detector that suits your requirement and fulfill your needs.

The price of a metal detector is generally low and you can get it between $250 and $400. A metal detector consists of a stabilizer, a control box, a shaft, and a search coil. Few metal detectors have a jack too for connecting head-phones, and a few are also equipped with a display unit. Metal detectors work on different technology too, like PI technology or BFO i.e. Beat Frequency Oscillator etc.

Metal detectors are great if you want to locate the buried treasures beneath the ground. However, the metal should not be more than below a foot to get located, else it becomes difficult for even a metal detector to locate. Normally, they can detect objects around 8 to 12 inches buried under the earth's surface.

Metal detectors have a recreation use too, and people who are passionate about finding treasure such as metals like Gold or silver, carry it with them at places where such treasure is assumed to be buried and spend hours finding the buried metal.

Metal detectors are also used in lawns, gardens and patios to detect any metal in the garden, to avoid walkers getting hurt from one. Metal detector is one technology that has multiple uses and will be beneficial in the times to come, as it is today.

White's Coinmaster Metal Detector Review

Awash with great features similar to full sized detectors, the White's Coinmaster Metal Detector offers an excellent opportunity to introduce young ones to the buzz that comes with searching for lost valuables. Ideal for almost all terrains, the White's Coinmaster is designed to find coin-sized or small objects at a depth of up to 5 inches and large objects up to a depth of 3 feet or so and comes with a user friendly discrimination dial to ensure users do not waste time searching invaluable items. Comfortable and lightweight to grip even for kids, the metal detector is furnished with a target pointer which produces a beep or a tone as you close in on a hidden item. For ease of use the signal volume increases as the object gets closer. The machine can be used both at the beach and inland but remember that the coil is not waterproof.

White s coinmaster metal detector reviewWhite s coinmaster metal detector review


The Coinmaster runs on a single mode that is the beeping signal. It also comes with earphones that you can use to listen in to any object. Many parents might find this ideal for children who have interest in metal and coin collection. The coil easily detects metals and as mentioned earlier the intensity of the sound beeps varies with how close you are to the metallic object. The beeping sound can however be controlled or regulated.


Advanced in detection

The detector has a discrimination control feature that eliminates unwanted items. Its target meter gauges’ material strength with a beep. The meter is gauged to specific levels and a user will certainly know if they will find a metal or not


Depth detection

Because the machine is architected for kids, it is not as sophisticated as other high end detectors when it comes to depth detection. Nonetheless, it can detect any item from coin sized objects up to 5 inches deep to large objects up to three feet deep.


Ease of Use

The White's Coinmaster Metal Detector arrives ready to use, all that a user need is 2-9volt batteries that power the metal detector. The sounds can be heard via the in-built speaker located under the display or earphones. But keep in mind that it may miss small smaller items.


Light in terms of weight

The metal detector is very easy to carry and is strong enough to withstand any type of fall. It is also an all-weather machine and a user can use it easily as they go about their metal hunting escapades.


Other Features:

To enable users especially kids, have awesome experiences as they hunt for metallic materials and coins, the Coinmaster has other great features that are integrated to supplement the major ones. They include:

Ideal size for kids: Approximately 57 inches by 9 inches by 10 inches. Has a target indicator that emits a beep or a tone as a user gets closer to a buried object? Can detect even small objects, Discrimination dial to eliminate detection of unwanted items. Lightweight and Ergonomic Design Adjustable Stem Comes with a one-year warranty, runs on 2-9 volt batteries Comes with a battery tester 6 1/2" closed weather resistant coil.


  • 5-Range Discrimination
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Depth Reading as You Hunt
  • Pinpoint/All Metal Mode
  • Rugged, Water Resistant Control Box
  • Target ID
  • Adjustable Length: 46"-51"
  • All Metal Audio: Non-VCO
  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4" Headphone
  • Batteries: 2 - 9 volt
  • Battery Life: 20
  • Disc Audio: Silent Search
  • Optional Coils: Coinmaster Family
  • Standard Coil: 9"
  • Number of Presets: 1
  • Frequency: 8 kHz


Compact and small making it perfect for children of all ages and even adults. Because of its adjustable shaft the machine can be modified (from 21 to 32 inches) as the child grows up. Comes with a target indicator and a discrimination control features to easily and quickly find valuable items. Easy to use as all a user needs are to insert the 9 volt batteries and you are good to go.

Understand The Background Of Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector By BARSKA

Nowadays people are constantly looking for new tech devices that can be offered as presents to both children and adults. In order to meet these requirements, several companies have introduced metal detectors on the market. Apart from being used by people of all ages, these devices can also serve as a perfect present both for women and men. This mainly due to the fact that people always want to find treasures and get richer regardless of the gender. In some instances, people collect coins and the ancient metal items just as a hobby.

Winbest sharp edition metal detector by barska review

In a world where most people are continually connected to their phones and PCs, and forget about the whole idea of enjoying the beauty of nature, metal detectors offer people the opportunity to mix their passion for technology with the desire to explore the natural environment. As for the parents, it's the best way to make their kids get outside in the sun and far from their cell phones and computer games.

People are nowadays obsessed metal detectors because they appear to be the innovation within the tech domain. In addition, they have a wide range of amazing features that should be explored.


Product Description

Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA represents a professional metal detector that provides several functions in a compact and lightweight package. It is capable of detecting metal objects from varying sizes. It also gives the user the option to control the metal types that it searches. This metal detector features a target indicator that measures the strength of the signal and the user is capable of stating the position of the object. It also enables them to determine the approximate depth by using the volume, whose signal normally increases when the users get closer to the target. Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA is fairly easy to use by both adults and children; a feature that has placed it at the top of most people's choices.


Where can you use Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector?

The user usually has the freedom to pick the place where he/she wants to search for metals because the device is suitable for use in the park, backyard or even on the beach. In case the user is buying it for his kids, he should bury a few items in the backyard and see whether the device is capable of finding them. In the event that the user is interested in seeing the unique abilities of the Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector, then he can try it out on the beach, where a lot of people are losing metallic objects and it can be truly fun to find the metallic objects. The device can also be used in small as well as large spaces, without having any worries that the results could be influenced by the external factors. Besides being used in many places, the metal detector also is an all-weather device that can withstand any type of fall. In addition, it can also be used easily used during the hunting escapades.


Easy to use

The Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA is essentially designed for use by both adults and children. As a result, the manufacturers has created it in a way that it's easy to use The metal detector comes together with a manual that provides all the relevant information about the way this device should be handled. The device is also lightweight and it has a compact size that allows kids to carry it around.


Product specifications

  • Brand: Winbest
  • Type: Metal Detector
  • Model: Sharp Edition
  • Origin: United States
  • Product dimensions: 5.6 ounces, 22,0 by 5,0 by 6,0
  • Coil diameter: 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.91 lbs.
  • Material: stainless steel and plastic
  • Search modes: all types of metals

The Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector is designed for used mainly people of all ages and it is capable of detecting large objects up to three feet deep and the coin-sized one at five inches deep. It has a target indicator meter that measures the strength of the signal and when the user gets closer to his target, the signal increases in volume.

The metal detector offers the user with the possibility to remove unwanted items such as iron thanks to the discrimination control function. The Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector offers high levels of performance because it's capable of detecting all types of metals such as aluminum, silver, iron, gold and steel. It has the visual battery life indicator and an LCD Display so the user shall know precisely how much time he can use the device.

It requires 2 by 9 Volt batteries so as to power this detector, which aren't included in the package. The user only receives the battery tester alongside with this device. It operates on the frequency of around 6.6 kHz. The device is lightweight, easy to handle, comfortable too use and features an ergonomic design.

It has a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty against workmanship and defects in materials. The Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector is rustproof and weather-resistant.