Ultimate metal detector buying tips and guide

There are so many metal detectors on the market today, and choosing the right the can be overwhelming for you. You may not be familiar with the technology jargon used in online reviews and you may end up purchasing a metal detector whose features don't suit your needs.

So, how can you make sure the detector you buy is the right one for you? These tips on selecting a metal detector will help you make sound judgement in order to make the right buy. The ideal metal detector will depend on:

Metal hunting tips


1. What you will use it for

Most detectors nowadays are all-purpose but some are more specialized. What your goal with it is will determine if you are going to buy the multi-faceted ones or the expensive highly specialized detector.


if you are going to use it for fun hobbies like coin shooting and jewelry hunting, you may consider the cheaper and easy to use all-purpose metal detector. They will be useful in your adventures while at the same time not hurting your pocket.


2. The number of times you are going to use it

You may be buying the detector to use only occasionally like during holidays or you may be looking for something to use almost on a daily basis. Whatever the case, ask yourself questions like how strong it is to withstand repeated use. Will it see me going back to the store for a new one within a short time?

You may want to look for its review regarding durability. You may also consider using the length of its warrant to give you a hint on how long it's likely to last.


3. The terrain of where you will use it

For waters that are somewhat deeper and salty, there are special detectors that will work without their detection capability being affected by the salt's conductivity. Before buying ask around for these type.


4. The experience or knowledge you have with metal detectors

You will be able to preset discriminatory features before you start your detecting so it automatically looks for items of your preference. Like for, example, the feature to eliminate useless metals when hunting for precious ones.

The features and settings are simple to use and to master. Some of them are also automatic meaning you won’t have to keep setting them every time you want to go detecting.



5. Your budget

Sometimes your detector pays off, financially. Consider the instance where your gadget leads you to retrieve that valuable diamond or gold piece, or that gold coin that's highly priced.


6. The design and weight of the detector

If the ground involves searching in crevices, choose a shape that's suited for that Some detectors come with mount poles and which is are adjustable. If your detecting will involve the whole family who are of different sizes, it's advisable to purchase this type. Different people will find it easy to use and your expedition will be more fun with everybody participating.


7. The accessories the detector comes with

Some come with headphones, others don't. It good to note that a detector with headphone jack is better in terms of sensibility. Listening through a headphone eliminates background noise and you are able to pick up subtle changes in sound. This increase its ability to detect compared to the ones that don't have the headphones and the jack.


Top notch metal detectors are costly but worth it. Go for well-known brands which have been in the market for long. Update yourself with newest technology news so you can grab the latest gadgets that are better performing.