Use of metal detectors in different Places

Have you ever given it a thought that what a security in-charge checks when you enter a Shopping mall or Airport security area, with that hand-held device? No, then let us tell you. The small hand-held device is the metal detector, which is an electronic instrument equipped with a sensor probe, used at various public places to check presence of metal in your body or clothes and even surrounding areas. Metal Detectors are a very useful device and they sense the presence of metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc. in your body.

Use of metal detectors

A metal detector is used at various places, to check the presence of metal, not only in your body, but your car or other baggage that you are carrying. They are generally seen at Airport security area, hotel entrance, parking areas, malls and cinema theatres. However, they are also used by Metallurgy department and people who love adventure for finding precious metals buried under ground.

The technique of metal detection is also used by military and security services. All metal detectors, howsoever small or big, and used at any place, like gardens, lawns or patios, work on the mechanism of electromagnetism.

A metal detector contains a coil of wire, which is wrapped around a circular rod, at the end of the handle, also known as transmitter coil. Now, when electricity or any charge is passed through it, a magnetic field gets generated. This magnetic field when swiped over a surface, detects the presence of metal easily.

Metal detector technology is a part of our everyday life and helps us identify any possible threat that otherwise we ignore. A metal detector should not be bought by following the suggestion of just one person, do a thorough research and look for various options available, then make a wise decision of a metal detector that suits your requirement and fulfill your needs.

The price of a metal detector is generally low and you can get it between $250 and $400. A metal detector consists of a stabilizer, a control box, a shaft, and a search coil. Few metal detectors have a jack too for connecting head-phones, and a few are also equipped with a display unit. Metal detectors work on different technology too, like PI technology or BFO i.e. Beat Frequency Oscillator etc.

Metal detectors are great if you want to locate the buried treasures beneath the ground. However, the metal should not be more than below a foot to get located, else it becomes difficult for even a metal detector to locate. Normally, they can detect objects around 8 to 12 inches buried under the earth's surface.

Metal detectors have a recreation use too, and people who are passionate about finding treasure such as metals like Gold or silver, carry it with them at places where such treasure is assumed to be buried and spend hours finding the buried metal.

Metal detectors are also used in lawns, gardens and patios to detect any metal in the garden, to avoid walkers getting hurt from one. Metal detector is one technology that has multiple uses and will be beneficial in the times to come, as it is today.